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The Sage from the West

A Community for Manga!Hohenheim

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Hoho AMV - This Is Xerxes, Our Childhood, Our Home
mlle_bienvenu wrote in westernsage
I've been waiting a year or more to make this... O_O
Sorry the timing is off, my compy can't handle real time editing very well... Had to estimate a lot to figure out the length of clips XD : pokes crappy video card : 

Song: This is Gallifrey, Our Childhood, Our Home (Doctor Who)

You know, Hoho and The Doctor have a lot in common... quick, someone write a crossover fic O_O

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WHEE DOCTOR WHO MUSIC! XD As soon as I saw the title, I knew. :3

Nicely done!

Yay Doctor Who fan! :D

Thanks :D Glad you liked it ^^

(Deleted comment)
Poor old Hoho. Sucks to be him.

This was gorgeous - doesn't hurt that that's probably my favourite bit of Doctor Who soundtrackery ever, and a great fit for Hoho what with his lost people and his terrible burdens and the total pathos of his situation.

: also agrees :

Glad you enjoyed it :D

This was excellent! Very well done =)

i really enjoyed this and yes while I never thought about it, Hohenheim and the doctor do have a shared sense of isolation and being the only one of their kind

Fantastic job! Perfect music! Wow!

I knew as soon as I saw 'Our Childhood, Our Home' I had to watch this. Definitely my favourite piece of Doctor Who music and you put images to it so beautifully.

It's my favorite piece too. (The Doctor's Theme and the Ood Freedom song are close runners up though.)

ROFL I like your avatar lol

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